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This is the consideration that stops many customers on their track. So we do our best to explain our pricing policy so that you knew where every dollar and cent goes.

highh. school
14 Days
$10 $14 $16 $22 $29
7 Days
$12 $15 $17 $24 $31
5 Days
$14 $16 $20 $27 $32
3 Days
$15 $19 $23 $30 $35
48 Hours
$17 $25 $31 $40 $47
24 Hours
$21 $32 $38 $50 $58
8 Hours
$21 $32 - - -
3 Hours
$38 $40 - - -

We charge in USD by default per page, so you can convert and see what the price in your currency is. One page equals approximately to 300 words of double spaced font 12 (Times New Roman) writing. If you need a paper with custom page spacing (like single-spaced or 1.5 space) the price will be adjusted to reflect the number of pages with conventional spacing. For example, 2 single space pages will be priced as 4 double spaced (because they will include doubled amount of information and work), and so on. If you have any questions regarding pricing you can always contact our managers prior to paying for order, and they will help settle the issue.

How do we set price for each order? We take into account number of pages (or word count), study level, and deadline. Any additional forms of work are also included in pricing (like PPT, infographics making, etc.) For example, a college level paper of 3 pages with ample deadline will cost less than the same paper but with few hours deadline. A Master’s thesis with tables and graphs will cost more than a textual term paper of the same level, plus again account for deadline. The shorter the deadline, the higher the price, that’s the general principle.

This is why we strongly encourage you to refer your task to us ASAP – it will save your money and let our writers do better research and more polished writing than when it is done in extreme haste.

We hope we have clarified our policy enough to persuade you give us a try and not be surprised by pricing. We offer very moderate prices across this kind of services, and we do not advise you to go for the lowest price per page found. It is a sign that papers quality will be close to trash written by non-Native speakers of English, whose language command is often poor. Do not waste your time and money there, choose professionals like us.

If your professor can assign it, we can do it.

Let us not waste time and get right down to the task at hand.

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