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Amazing Synthesis Essay Topics

November 13, 2019

Amazing Synthesis Essay Topics

Most of the writing tasks like an essay, papers, and articles require synthesizing the information. So if you are in high school or college you have probably already received this type of assignment. Or you are about to. Anyway, it is important to know how to choose the topic right and ensure an interesting essay writing process.

Often students are assigned with a particular topic and in that situation, they have to arrange their work around the specified issues. But if you are free to choose what to write about, you are lucky as you can select the most convenient topic. You can focus on its simplicity to you, availability of the supporting materials or simply the level of interest.

In this article, you will learn what good topic should be to suit your interest and general academic requirements. But also we have collected over 100 ready-made topics for you to choose from. We have divided them according to the field of science and issues. But before jumping to our list we invite you to learn how to come up with a great topic on your own.

If you have an opportunity to select the topic for your synthesis essay or research paper you are lucky. Some student like when they receive the direction from their teachers. But they miss a lot of opportunities limited themselves with the offered selection of topics. Today more and more teachers and professors apply to a more progressive approach letting young writers choose what they want to write about. They might set some rules or minor limitations or final editing but in other aspects students have freedom. This helps to stimulate their creative skills and also showcase their personal concerns minding the discipline issues.

Learn some recommendations from our experts to make sure your topic will be great.

  1. Research your interests. When your task means deep research and analyzing, it is important not to consider this process boring. You can avoid this feeling if you will choose the interesting and engaging topic for you in the first place. This also guarantees that you will work more enthusiastic.
  2. Choose a narrow topic. You may be concerned with general issues like global warming or social media impact on our lives. But it is important to narrow the subject you will write your synthesis essay about. It is hard to conduct decent research on the wide synthesis essay topics. The more focused essay will look more professional and your research will disclose more new ideas and facts.
  3. Make sure your topic is debatable. You can call the essay good if it stimulates a discussion. As soon as people start to agree or disagree with your thoughts you can be sure that the chosen topic was right. There is no point in disclosing the issues that do not divide people into groups according to their views. But if you can prove one point knowing that the opposite opinion has its fans as well, you can be sure that your essay will be interesting to your readers.
  4. Make sure your topic is negotiable. The same situation is here. If the topic and its conclusions are accepted by the vast majority of people, and the presented results are obvious, you cannot count on the interest in your work. Also if the subject of your research remains unchangeable, it will not add points to your essays. So our advice here is to search for the topic that is focused on the subject, issue or event that can be changed and can evoke different opinions.

Now, as we have promised, you can study our list of essay topics that can be used for the synthesis essay right away or can be altered to suit your view more. We have divided them into categories according to the subject and field of science. We hope that some of these ideas will be useful to you.

Society & Social Media Topics

  1. Do social media sites harm social relationships?
  2. How Instagram has helped to accept various appearance specifications.
  3. Does social media have an impact on the academic results of teenagers?
  4. Is our privacy safe with Facebook?
  5. How our shopping behavior is determined by YouTube?
  6. What impact do social media have on dating behavior today?
  7. How Instagram promote stereotypical thinking?
  8. What effect the online life will have in the future?
  9. Journalism and social media: how they have changed with time and who will win?
  10. Should college education be obligatory for having a career in the future?
  11. Is it ethical to still apply a death penalty in the US?
  12. Can voting make a difference or this is only a habit?
  13. Should we ban producing and selling tobacco and alcohol?
  14. Violent content and parental control: what we should change?
  15. How the workplace has changed over a few past decades and what changes are about to come?
  16. Does society support women on the same level as men?
  17. How national security concerns harm people’s peace of mind?

Technology & Science Topics

  1. Do video games cause violent behavior among kids and teenagers or there are some other reasons we want to conceal?
  2. Should we ban the cruel video games or is it better to focus on parent examples?
  3. How the development of machine learning has affected technological evolution in general?
  4. Should drones be prohibited as a threat to the personal privacy of people?
  5. Can computer development solve issues connected with the gap between poor and wealthy people?
  6. Smart city concepts: what changes should be implemented in the first place?
  7. Team sports or the single athletic performance: who deserves more admiration and why?
  8. How the workplace has changed under the influence of artificial intelligence development over a few past decades?
  9. Does machine learning solve or cause the problems of excess production?
  10. How we can use artificial intelligence to improve the productivity of big and small businesses?
  11. Technological development: does it serves cultural growth or simply provide us with new means of entertainment?
  12. Do technologies connect people or set them apart even more?
  13. Social media owners should work more on improving the content of their sites considering posts, comments and so on.
  14. Is it a technological evolution of some twisted zombie apocalypse?
  15. Is it possible to reach the top of the technological evolution someday?
  16. Mobile phones in our lives: their advantages and disadvantages.
  17. How we can improve the educational process using the technologies?

Health & Medicine Topics

  1. Marijuana legalization in the US: is it right or dangerous?
  2. Why we should focus more on banning sweetened drinks and fast food more than deciding whether it is fine to legalize marijuana?
  3. Animal testing: why this is an outdated approach and what ethical issues it involves?
  4. Plastic surgery: should it be covered by insurances as well?
  5. Free medical service: should we provide access to it to all the citizens of the USA?
  6. Today US healthcare system: is it decent or requires serious improvements?
  7. Alternative medicine treatment: should it be covered with healthcare insurance as well?
  8. Can we call our healthcare system fine enough considering the fact that many our citizens travel to other countries for medical treatment?
  9. What activities we should add to our daily routines to improve our health and minimize cases when we need to see a doctor?
  10. What impact does poverty have on the healthcare services for kids?

Youth & Parenting Topics

  1. Why there can be spotted parental neglect even if the kid is provided with food, shelter, clothes, and toys?
  2. How divorce affects each family member and why children are the main victims in that situation?
  3. How toxic and narcissistic parenting can cause serious traumas and issues in the future life of the kids?
  4. Is it obligatory to meet family expectations or a child have a right to make own decisions considering current events and future plans?
  5. What can be considering and family violence?
  6. How to escape from a toxic and abusive relationship and why is it wrong to endure indecent behavior in the family?
  7. Sexual harassment in the family: where to seek for help?
  8. What issues do the families with war veterans undergo?
  9. How to act if your kid admits being a part of LGBTQ+?
  10. Conventional family issues considering homosexuality and bold life choices.
  11. How to deal with the loss of a family member?
  12. Religion in the family: should parents force their children to develop particular beliefs?
  13. Teenage independence: where should parents draw the line?
  14. What generation gap modern teenagers will have with their kids in the future?
  15. A family member with mental issues: what each family member should know?
  16. Why early pregnancy can be harmful to the mental and physical health of a child?

Law & Justice Topics

  1. Is it right to punish the offenders or our justice system should work on their rehabilitation?
  2. What measures may help in preventing shooting at schools?
  3. Overcrowding in prisons: what measures can be undertaken?
  4. Legalization of prostitution: ethical issues or a far-sighted decision?
  5. Why the imprisoned African Americans affect the reputation of their community in general?
  6. Interpretation of the US Constitution: is it a living document or we should understand it literary?
  7. Why there are so many African American men in US prisons?
  8. Why poverty levels up risks to get in prison?
  9. How racial minorities suffer from the three strikes law?
  10. How the tax regulations by the government affect the judiciary?
  11. What countries can be called corporate responsible today?
  12. How the increased trade policies of the government affect corporations?
  13. Specifications of Islamic business law policies.
  14. What measures can help in preventing crimes?
  15. What techniques may help in dealing with juvenile delinquents?
  16. How people may interpret the term “Heaven Justice”?
  17. How society can deal with religious fanatics?

History Topics

  1. What consequences of the WW2 does Germany have compared to other countries?
  2. Patriarchy society: what features have gone and which one still affects our living?
  3. How Eastern Europe has worked on recovering after World War 2?
  4. What can we learn from Roman gladiators and their life philosophy?
  5. That cases when Rome had child emperors: what had happened then?
  6. The most memorable and influential pharaoh.
  7. Korean War: what battles had the most serious impact on further events?
  8. Jaffa Riots in 1921: reasons, demands, and results
  9. Chinese Empire: how did it change under the influence of Buddhism?
  10. Silk Road: what meaning did it have for those times?
  11. The process of the settling West part of America: Mormons influence.
  12. Why and how the Byzantine Empire has reached its success?

Literature & Arts Topics

  1. Can we consider graffiti as a modern type of artwork or is it still vandalism?
  2. Modern video games: can their graphics can be included in the list of artworks as well?
  3. How learning music can help in developing concentration and attentiveness?
  4. Can humanity operate without art?
  5. How cinematography has changes over the past few decades and what tendencies have influenced it?
  6. How to maintain the balance between fictional and true events in historical movies?
  7. Can we add TV commercials to the list of artworks?
  8. Pros and cons of listening to audio books instead of reading them.
  9. Can the brick libraries survive under the pressure of the electronic databases?
  10. Movies, books, games: do they distract people from real-life issues?
  11. Art therapy: why is it important to implement it into any post-traumatic treatment?
  12. Art and technologies: how their combination changes the world now and what to expect in the future?

If your professor can assign it, we can do it.

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