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What Is the Definition of the Short Essay?

March 30, 2020

How to Write a Short Essay and Get A Grade

It might seem easy to write a short essay. However, the truth is that it might get really even more complicated to write this piece of writing than a long essay. To express your thoughts clearly and succinctly, it is necessary to learn how to write a short paper. The knowledge of how to talk directly and shortly will be in handy in everyday life of any person. With it, you will be a sharp communicator, for instance.

The main point about short paper writing is that you should place all your arguments and ideas into a limited space. In general, the size of short papers is around 200-500 words. it depends on the professor’s requirements and the topic. Usually, the number of paragraphs should be between 2 and 5. It is vital to convey the essence of the piece of writing, composing a short paper.

What are the components of the short essay structure?

Thesis statement

Consider these 2 things when you write the short essay: complexity and placement. If your essay is short, you should present your thesis statement earlier. For instance, if the paper features 3-4 paragraphs, put your thesis statement in the first 3 sentences. If your essay is 1-2 paragraphs long, place the thesis in the 1st sentence (so it is your hook as well). the thesis must be all-encapsulating and interesting. Be straight to the chase if your essay is short.

Know the complexity of your topic too. Choose the topic you are free to elaborate. Cite less than 3 pieces of evidence when you are composing the thesis for a 500-words essay. Limit the supporting points and keep your thesis short.

Topic sentences

At the beginning of the paragraph, delineate the entirety of the argument. Make your message snappy if you want it to be very accessible. Present your argument, not waiting till the end of the paragraph.

Giving supporting evidence

Limit the number of sentences that are dedicated to the supporting pieces of evidence. Cite the example, anecdote, or story in one sentence. It is important to give significant details to better understand the main point of your paper. Utilize a different example altogether if you aren’t able to fit the evidence in one sentence. Don’t choose the topic, requiring a room for explanation.


Teachers use to examine how you reflect on the qualities you have. They better understand how you think critically and whether you are able to present the claim. Try to keep your paper concentrated on giving the answer to the prompt. Don’t stray away too far from the point of the short essay. If you include extra sentences, it might take up valuable space and even weaken your argument.


Include the main claim and statement as well as a short summary to the final part of your short paper. It will show you are a forward-thinking person and goal-oriented too. Meaning, you do not veer too far from the main point of your paper. Make sure your conclusion contains less than 3 sentences and don’t rehash the points mentioned earlier.

Short essay writing tips

There are several quirks in academic writing. For instance, there is a difference in how to write a short essay for your teacher and how to generate a wonderful fictional story. Take into account these easy tips when you write a short essay:

  • Select the topic that you are interested in. This is the main key to craft a thoughtful and interesting paper for all readers to enjoy. If you have a certain personal investment in the topic and are aware of something, you will be successful since you are one of the members of your target audience. So, you will know for sure how to select the most interesting facts. It is obvious whether you have a passion for writing. The results will be better when you select your favorite topic, not only because it is popular.
  • Scrutinize your target audience. Know your target audience. Depending on the assignment, ensure you know people who will be reading your paper before you start writing. For instance, if your teacher is your target reader, it means that he or she already knows the basics about the topic so you won’t need to repeat and go in detail. In other cases, it will be better to start with something broader to avoid confusion.
  • Read. Possessing certain knowledge is essential for academic writing. Before you write the first paragraph, do research on the selected topic. To gain in-depth ideas, read the sources that you chose, at least, partly.
  • Avoid distractions. Don’t write your academic paper during listening to music or watching TV. It might be tempting, but it will be better to avoid any distractions unless you are an experienced writer. Concentrate on writing your paper completely. When nothing will distract you, your paper will be on-point and specific.
  • Keep going. It might seem that finishing your paper is too difficult and writing it is uninteresting. There might be no inspiration or ideas and many other interesting things to do. At this stage, it is better to take a break but not to give up completely. Just relax to restore the balance and keep writing. In the end, you will feel accomplished and proud. Putting effort is worth when writing. Your persistence will pay off sooner or later.
  • Utilize online proofreading or editing services. It might seem that your paper is perfect and there are no mistakes. However, it is always better to check it with the help of online editing and proofreading services like ours. There is always room for perfection. So you may correct any small or big issues and your short essay will be really perfect.

Topics for short essays

  1. Do romantic movies damage real relationships?
  2. Should such brands as Victoria’s Secret utilize plus-sized models?
  3. What is the definition of “fake” news?
  4. Why it is better to report ordinary citizens to get better news?
  5. Are video games good for children?
  6. What is the best method to help anyone who is an alcoholic?
  7. How will #D-printing modify the future of humanity?
  8. What is better: Mac or PC?
  9. Should driving and texting be illegal?
  10.  How can students focus better on studying?

Short Essay Example

Topic: Environmental Protection and Business

        The protection of the environment is important for people that need such measures as creating less pollution and recycling. The business operation might affect it.

            McDonald’s is aware of these concerns. Therefore, the company serves more veggies, fruits, low-fat dairy, and whole grains and increases in-restaurant recycling. 

            A new business model might come with increased costs. the main policy of McDonald’s is to offer affordable foods. When the environmental goals will be achieved, the prices might rise. The company will lose many customers.

           However, if McDonald’s uses a new business model like trading, they will keep their profit. For instance, they may implement voluntary trading. So, the expenses will eliminate. 

          This is one of the ways the business like McDonald’s can keep earning money and being a prosperous company and save the environment. As business becomes sustainable it will get profitable in the future.

 Where to get the best short essay?

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