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A Persuasive Essay: A Detailed Guide on How to Write It

May 2, 2019

A persuasive or an argumentative essay is an academic task, in which you should use your logic and prove that your opinion is more appropriate than others’. In this essay, you should provide compelling arguments and credible facts.

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Topics for Your Persuasive Essay

One of the most serious problems with this assignment is that students usually are not given enough instructions. The professors usually only explain what the persuasive essay is and do not provide any more information.

It is pretty tough to create an essay of a good quality when having this information only. So, your first step will be to get a topic.

Below, you will be able to browse some persuasive essay ideas from various study fields, so you could at least imagine what the typical topics are, and start working on your paper. Beware that most of the topics are question-like, which gives a great basis for expressing and defending one’s opinion.

  1. Is it necessary to ban gambling in the USA?
  2. Is it necessary for every family to have a plan of surviving for a disaster situation?
  3. Are dogs better than cats as pets?
  4. Is it necessary to euthanize aggressive dogs?
  5. Should parents pay their children for doing some home chores?
  6. Should gay couples adopt children?
  7. Does genetics influence human behavior?
  8. Is it really necessary for the government to spend such amounts of money on the Olympic Games?
  9. Is fashion useful or useless for society?
  10. Should football teams be mingled according to gender equality?

So, here are some persuasive essay ideas. You should realize that all the mentioned topics require your own opinion and some conditions for discussion. We recommend choosing a topic, which not only inspires you, but also provides lots of materials for your research. You will have to use lots of research data, so it’s better to avoid topics, which isn’t backed up by lots of resources.

Tips on Writing Persuasive Essay

So, now as you have your topic and materials for research, it’s time to think on how to create a great persuasive essay. Follow these simple tips before starting your paper:

  • Right from the beginning, set your position and keep it through the entire paper. Your position has to be clear from the very introduction.
  • Persuasive essay requires facts. So you will need to search for different scientific experiments, statistics, and researches to prove your arguments.
  • The arguments have to be listed from not very important to the most important ones. This helps in keeping the reader always interested.
  • Write your essay as if you describe everything to a beginner who doesn’t know anything about the issue under discussion.
  • To prove your point of view, disprove the opposing claim. So it is necessary to search not only for those sources that support your viewpoint but only for those that refute the positions of the opposing side.
  • To strengthen your position, you should provide realistic and specific examples, actual facts, etc.

Remember these three key factors of the persuasive essay:

  • Logos. You express the appeal to logic and reason by using facts logically.
  • Ethos. You have to make your reader believe that you are right according to the point of view of ethics.
  • Pathos. It’s necessary to make the reader be sad, angry, happy, etc., what means to cause any kind of emotion.

Writing an Outline

The persuasive paper has to represent the right balance of all three main elements. Only this way it can persuade the reader to understand or even accept your point of view.

The moment you pick a topic and conduct good research, think about the essay structure. In your outline, you have to write shortly what you want to write in each section of your paper.

Regardless of the topic, your persuasive must include:

  • Introduction – some background.
  • Key argument.
  • Thesis statement.
  • Three body paragraphs.
  • Conclusion – restated thesis statement and the ways you proved it.

Parts of Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is s pretty standard essay including three main parts: introduction (here you introduce the topic and present your thesis statement), body (here you state the facts and prove the thesis with arguments and contradict the arguments of the opposing side), and conclusion (here you summarize all points).


Once your outline is ready, you can start the process of actual writing. However, lots of students have troubles with introduction. A precise thesis statement should define your point of view and the deployment of your entire paper. The reader has to be hooked before the thesis statement. It is possible to catch the reader with a fact connected with your topic, a quote, a definition, joke, etc. You should find something to catch the reader’s attention from the first lines. The introduction should flow into the body paragraphs logically.


The introduction has to present a good beginning of your entire essay, flow logically to the main paragraphs, and lead the audience towards a logical conclusion. We recommend restating the key arguments and showing how you prove your thesis statement. But by no means paraphrase what you already wrote, just show your position is right, and invite the reader to act. Persuasive paper is one of the most frequent college tasks. It’s no wonder while it improves your persuasive thinking, writing, and speaking skills. And regardless of your future profession, you will be more prepared for it!


It is always helpful to look at the examples before writing. Check our persuasive essays or just buy essay online and enjoy your free time.

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