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Writing Guide with Topic Ideas for Expository Essay Preparation

February 21, 2020

Writing Guide with Topic Ideas for Expository Essay Preparation

When you get an assignment to work on an expository essay, you are supposed to research the target problem or phenomenon. But do not think of it as a difficult thing to do. This can be an interesting and fascinating process of investigation, data collecting and analyzing. As you can get from the name of the writing assignment, you have to create a clear picture in order to provide your target reader with an understandable explanation of the problem or thing.

It is important to be interested in the topic as it will guarantee that you will be involved in the preparation process completely. So first of all, define an interesting and engaging topic that will grab your attention and the reader’s one.

To make the writing process easier, you should pay attention to the research. You cannot base your essay only on your personal experience and views. It is good if you refer to them, but they should not be the only source of arguments and data.

Also, it is important to organize your work and define the purpose of your task. We have tried to answer the most common questions in this article considering writing an expository essay. If you will follow our recommendations and instructions, you will more likely write an essay that will bring you an A.

Definition of an Expository Essay

At the beginning of the work, some students wonder what the meaning of the expository essay is and what approaches to use for writing it. So, if you are one of them, the first thing you should do in this situation is to find the definition and explanation of this type of academic work. But for better understanding, you should keep in mind its formula: information + analysis.

So, an expository essay is the type of writing that requires examination of the topic and providing arguments. You have to express your thoughts in a clear way and use contrasting and comparing facts, examples, and descriptions of certain things.

It will be easier to start working on this task if you will think about it as helping your friend. When he\she does not understand something you know, you can explain it with details and analysis that will help them to understand the particular phenomenon. From this point of view, the task does not seem like something challenging.

So now, when you understand the concept of the expository essay, you can start working on the research in order to find the info relevant to your topic. Keep in mind, that internet resources do not always provide trustworthy information. So make sure, that your sources are reliable and the data they provide are real.

You can also study the examples of an expository essay that is available online. This will help you to find the right direction and use the proper language in your own text. So the type of research is important in the preparation stage as well.

Unique Topics for an Expository Essay

If you have not received a topic from your teacher, this means you have an opportunity to choose the issue that will be definitely interesting to you. But also think about your target reader in order to talk about thinks they care as well. Try to be more specific and avoid too broad problems.

If you are looking for an inspiration considering the topic ideas, check out our list of suggestions.

Middle school expository essay topics

  1. Best options for spending free time.
  2. Who you take care of at home?
  3. Guidelines for bicycle starters.
  4. Ho to enrich your vocabulary?
  5. How to deal with bad grades?

Great expository essay topics

  1. Healthy lifestyle without spending much money.
  2. How to fight bullies in schools?
  3. IT and human relationships: how do they correlate now?
  4. The effect of video games on children’s minds.
  5. How to feel about money?

High School expository essay topics

  1. Time management skills: how to learn to be on time?
  2. Your main life values.
  3. Changes in communication due to Internet influence.
  4. Shopping addiction: is it the issue of rich people?
  5. Divorcing rate: why is it increasing?

College expository essay topics

  1. Methods of minimizing the bad impact of media on human lives.
  2. What are the best investment options available now?
  3. Your favorite writer and why?
  4. Leadership: how to develop these skills?
  5. The role of music in people’s lives.

Writing Tips for an Expository Essay

As soon as you have defined the meaning of the expository essay and choose the proper topic, you have to discover what structure this type of writing has. There are no surprises as this type of essay has the same structure as most of the academic papers have. The best way to choose is 4-5 paragraphs essay with intro and conclusion. Below you will learn the recommendations for working on each part of your writing.

Outlining expository essay

You will succeed in working on the expository essay if you develop a logical plan. So you need to create an outline in order to prepare a quality paper from scratch. You should start with an introduction where you mark the main aspects of your essay briefly. Then outline each of the body paragraphs dedicated to each argument, issue or the approach. Then write don thoughts for concluding paragraph providing a summary of the previous facts and findings.

Intro of an expository essay

This is the most significant part of your essay as here you have to “hook” the reader and provide reasons to keep reading your work. Pay special attention to the opening sentence as this can affect the first impression of your essay. Keep in mind the following tips:

  • Name interesting and compelling issue that will “hook” the reader;
  • Provide reasons you decided to disclose the following topic;
  • Present a strong thesis of your expository essay.

Writing a thesis for an expository essay

  • Base your work on fact and show them to the reader;
  • Make the main idea clear;
  • Specify the purpose of your writing.

Body paragraphs of an expository essay

Here are some recommendations for working on the main body:

  • Disclose the main idea and the purpose of each paragraph;
  • Support your statements with strong arguments;
  • Explain your views and point out the reasons you consider your statements right.

Concluding an expository essay

As soon as you are done with paragraphs and explaining each part of your topic, you have to work on a conclusion. This part is important as you have the last chance to conquer the reader’s mind. So make sure your conclusion contains an overview of your essay. Point out the solutions you have suggested in your work. Also, explain why your research and presentation is significant.

Expert Advice

Do not consider an expository essay as a school assignment. Think about it like about an opportunity to showcase your writing skills and the word talent. As we already mentioned, one of the most important choices considering working on the expository essay is the topic. However, if you understand the definition and the purpose of this academic assignment, then you will be able to come up with the proper ideas. Moreover, it should be interesting for you and your readers in order to make it engaging and compelling for both sides.

In your work, you have to focus on your views and thoughts. You are the author of an essay and your opinion matters here the most. Moreover, the reader will realize that all presented thoughts are the ones you write from your own perspective.

So you have to develop creative thinking and the skills to connect facts and issues. Think of your work as about collecting a puzzle where you have all the required elements and your task here is to create a compelling picture.

Also make sure that your essay is written in the proper language without any spelling, grammar or contextual mistakes. This will mean you have polished your work as the most precious thing in the current situation.

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