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Main Components of the Exemplification Essay Creation Process

March 13, 2020

Key Features Of The Exemplification Essay Writing

Throughout the long course of study, many students come across a huge number of different types of essays. Even if you are not an expert in this matter, for sure, once narrative essays have taken place in your academic life. However, this fact does not mean that the process of writing subsequent similar papers will be free from any possible difficulties. Another popular genre is a descriptive essay that is also present at different stages of studying.

Nevertheless, in addition to the common types, you can also run into such genres as a persuasive essay. Such assignments can take a student by surprise and cause confusion in the workflow. In this article, we talked about the main features of such work as writing an exemplification essay and highlighted the main points that you should pay attention to. Moreover, we provided the finished work and emphasized the possible difficulties that may arise.

What About Structure

Of course, at first, you may be afraid of this word and think that this type of essay is very difficult. Nevertheless, if you have an idea about the specifics of writing reasoned paper, the process of writing an essay will be quick and understandable.

We will provide information on the structure of this type of paper through the clarification of the various stages of the writing process. In fact, it contains traditional components among which are the introduction, body paragraphs and the final part. Each of them has its own unique specificity and is associated with the features of the genre.

Create a detailed plan

First of all, your main task is to state all the thoughts and ideas that are related to future work. After moving these developments from your head to a piece of paper, start working with the next step and fill the space that has been freed up with new ideas. After that, sort the recorded thoughts and organize them correctly.

The presence of a sketch plays a very important role in the process of creating any type of paper. Here you can indicate both important and minor aspects that affect the final result. Try to find ready-made plans on the Internet or start developing your own.

Work on the introduction. In fact, the two key elements that are contained in the introductory part are the following:

  • thesis statement;
  • hook.

While the first one provides brief information about everything that will be more fully described in the following parts, the main task of the hook is to interest the audience and convey the key idea of the paper.

Features of the main part

The body section is the most voluminous component of an exemplification essay. Here you state all possible thoughts regarding the research topic. The number of paragraphs is related to the length of all the paper. For this reason, you need to consult with a mentor in advance and take into account all the important requirements.

At the same time, the paragraphs of the body are the location of the main point of view. You can also decorate it with an abundance of arguments and various facts. Prepare a plan and break up all the work into parts that are brief but at the same time contain interesting information.

Another important aspect that you should not forget about is the need to corroborate the facts with the sources that were used. It will make your work more solid, show interest in developing the selected topic and indicate the presence of a huge knowledge base.

Harmonious completion

As in any other paper university, the role of the conclusion of this essay is a summary of all that was raised in the main part. However, you should avoid direct repetition.

Moreover, the amount of information should not be too voluminous. Try to make the reading of paper make the audience think about the topic that you described. It contributes to a competent and excellent conclusion.

A Pinch of Important Information

We talked about the main steps that concern the creation of the exemplification essay above. Nevertheless, there are many more interesting subtleties and secrets that can help you with this academic assignment. Check out some of them below.

Don’t try to write about everything at once

Of course, we have already said that all the important details that were recorded should be included in the work. Nevertheless, keep in mind that each of them should play its role in the paper and not break out of the framework of the narrative.

Chat with your mentor

Many students are shy about talking about their problems or are afraid to seem stupid. Nevertheless, you should understand that constant contact with the professor will certainly not be superfluous and will help you to understand all the features of academic activity much faster and eradicate any possible problems.

Write about what you know

Acquaintance with new topics and areas that you have not heard about before is a very interesting activity, but trying to create good work that you just recently discovered is unlikely to succeed.

Heart of Your Essay

The first stage of work with any academic paper is not even the creation of a detailed plan, but the choice of an idea on which the whole further process of work will depend. We highlighted some of the most interesting topics that you may like or incite to come up with your own.

  • Gender separation of students as a way to improve the learning process.
  • The problem of decriminalization of narcotic substances.
  • The importance of having a higher education for a successful life in the modern world.
  • The need to establish universal access to health.
  • Increased severity of the storage rules.
  • The harmful effects of plastic on human health and nature.
  • The impact of innovative technologies on students’ lives.
  • The role of social networks in the modern world and whether they can inspire trust.
  • Sugar-free food as a way to fight childhood obesity.
  • Work as a way to increase productivity.
  • Should studying be free?

Great Ready Essay

The best way to familiarize yourself with the specifics of writing any paper is to read an already-created work. Thanks to this, you can quickly learn about all the important components and deal with the abundance of nuances.

The harm of Plastic for Nature and Humanity

The modern food industry, and not only it, offers us plastic as the most convenient packaging. it is difficult to damage, it is relatively inexpensive and … in general, these are all pluses. But few people think about the harm that plastic causes to the environment and the human body. Because business is above all.

The decomposition period of plastic takes more than four hundred years. This means that before the plastic, which today lies in the garbage cans, completely decomposes, the whole earth will simply “drown” in plastic waste.

There is such a phenomenon as “microplastic”. These are pieces of plastic waste that are found almost everywhere today. The presence of microplastics in water bodies is especially worrying. The presence of it in the seas, oceans, and rivers is growing dramatically every day, and this has a detrimental effect not only on the flora and fauna of reservoirs but also on a person who uses such water and receives a regular dose of microplastic.

Similar conclusions were reached by scientist Mark Brown, who discovered particles of plastic in the blood of blue mussels. Thus, the use of plastic by humans, and most importantly, its improper disposal, directly harms the inhabitants of reservoirs.

In order to recycle plastic, some garbage processing companies prefer to burn it. And it does even more harm to the environment. When burning plastic, about seventy chemical compounds are released into the environment. And not all of them are harmless to human health.

In addition to harm directly from burning plastic, it also causes harm when it enters the human body with food and water. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, plastic particles poison the body with pesticides and bisphenol, which strikes the hormonal system. Particles of plastic, acting on the body, inhibit cell growth, which leads to disruption of the regenerative processes.

As was mentioned above, attempts to recycle plastic through its burning do more harm to the environment than simply accumulating it. People often make the mistake of trying to dispose of garbage in the forest or in the country in this way. Do not try to dispose of the plastic by burning it. This can only be done in special furnaces with a very high temperature and oxygen boost.

Only awareness of oneself as the cause of one’s own happiness and one’s own problems allows a person to change the situation. Whenever possible, disseminate information about the dangers of plastic and encourage others to reduce consumption. But do it without fanaticism. A person who throws himself at neighbors with sermons on ecology does not look very convincing.

The lion’s share of plastic waste is plastic bags. Count, if every trip to the store is a purchase of at least one new package, then this is a decent heap of such packages for a month. It is much simpler to buy a bag with which to walk all the time once. This is both saving money and the absence of a large percentage of plastic waste.

These are the main recommendations in order to take care of the environment at least at the minimum level. These tips do not require either titanic efforts or huge time expenditures. But if each of us adheres to them, the situation will change very quickly.

Final Tips

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