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What Is an Evaluation Essay?

March 10, 2020

What Is an Evaluation Essay?

Evaluation papers are judgments about performances, events, problems. The author of such a paper must consider each side of the topic: factors to oppose, support, or any other. If the topic is not about the financial state evaluation where you should utilize certain formulas, you must demonstrate the unbiased point of view about the subject.

There are several differences between evaluative and descriptive writing. In descriptive writing, you should target at observing and presenting the subject matter. In the evaluation essay, you should present the specific criteria which will assist in the deep evaluation of the subject.

For instance, you might be assigned to discuss, criticize, or evaluate a certain problem. It is okay to be asked to do both discuss and evaluate.

Present some kind of criteria in your essay. If it is a movie, you might consider a soundtrack, the director’s work, the scenario, actor performance, etc. In other words, you should provide your reader with specific standards when composing the evaluation essay.

Steps for Writing an Evaluation Essay

  1. Select a topic you want to write a paper about. As long as you will have to make a value judgment grounded on several criteria, you will have to know your subject very well.
  2. Compose your thesis statement. The overall purpose of the evaluation essay is the thesis statement. So, you should state it clearly to be given a direction that will let you distinguish between certain criteria and choose the right examples. It should either state the lack of or a value, concerning the things you are writing a paper about.
  3. Elaborate on the criteria you are supposed to utilize to make the judgment. It is almost impossible and very complicated to evaluate the subject on the spot. to make this process easier, it will be better to select several points of interest.
  4. To prove your opinion, find the pieces of supporting evidence. Don’t make general statements as long as you presume your audience will take your point of view into consideration and you make a judgment about a certain object.
  5. Compose a draft of your essay. Organize the pieces of evidence and criteria you find in this draft.
  6. Follow the classic structure when writing your paper. Make sure there are the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Introduce the value judgment in the intro. Present the supporting pieces of evidence to back up the judgment in the main body. Briefly summarize the material and restate the final judgment in your conclusion. Incorporate the synthesis of your pieces of evidence.
  7. Take time to proofread your paper several times or ask your friend to do it. Edit and polish the essay until it looks perfect.

Evaluation Essay Structure

It is recommended to do some prep work before you write your essay. For instance, you may think of the ideas you want to underline in your paper, find the relevant data about the topic, conduct research, and structure an outline. As a result, you will generate an excellent evaluation essay. it is very important for the writer to be able to concentrate the paper around certain arguments or claim.

The evaluation paper outline is a short description of the logical structure. It includes the minor and main questions which must be discussed in the paper. Hence, it is important to define subdivisions, identify clearly the main sections, divide the paper into smaller parts.


  • Introduce your subject. Compose a complete paragraph, introducing the subject. You might provide a big picture overview of the subject. Discuss the impact it has on people and the reason why it is worth to be evaluated. establish the main criteria which you want to call upon to support your thesis.
  • Compose the thesis statement. Generate the thesis statement. Make sure it includes supporting reasons and overall judgment.

Main body

First reason

  • Criterion 1. Along with the judgment of the initial criterion, give a topic sentence. To help you proceed smoothly from the thesis to the first reason, utilize transition words.
  • Back up for the 1st reason. Give valid supporting data in the form of comparisons, statistics, expert testimonials, examples, quotes, etc.
  • Refute and address the objections. To make the argument stronger, the writer should be able to address the objections, provide reasons to refuting them, and address the opposing views.

Second reason

  • Criterion 2. Along with the judgment of the 2nd criterion, give a topic sentence. To move on smoothly, utilize transitional phrases and words.
  • Back up the 2nd reason. Give valid supporting data in the form of statistics, comparisons, examples, expert testimonials, quotes, etc.
  • Refute and address any opposing views. Give reasons to refute the objections to make the thesis statement stronger.

Third reason

  • Criterion 3. Along with the judgment of the 3rd criterion, provide a topic sentence. To proceed from the thesis to the 3rd reason, use transitional words.
  • Back up the 3rd reason. Provide valid supporting data in the form of quotes, statistics, expert testimonials, examples, comparisons, etc.
  • Refute any opposing viewpoints. Make your thesis stronger by giving reasons to refute objections.


Restate the purpose of your paper and the thesis statement. Don’t copy your opening statement, changing the verbiage. Take the last chance to impress your readers. In this part, give your reader a strong recommendation.

Tips to Write an Evaluation Essay:

  1. Note that the main target of this paper is to critically evaluate a certain problem or topic, but not to inform the audience about it.
  2. Mind the word count. Cover the topic accordingly to the word count. It might be challenging to cover all data if your topic is too broad. On the other hand, the too narrow topic will make you do extra research to meet the word count.
  3. If you are writing a paper about a certain concert or performance, make sure you will be able to see and revisit it one more time. You should do it since you might not remember all the details.
  4. Discuss your topic according to some criteria and evaluate the subject. Describe your evaluation in detail for your reader to understand what should have been expected.
  5. Express your judgment concerning the topic. Prove if the subject meets the criteria or not.
  6. Prove your claim with pieces of evidence.
  7. Read the examples of evaluation papers.

Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Evaluate whether your school anti-bullying policy is effective or not.
  2. Evaluate whether the application of contemporary technologies in the process of education is effective.
  3. Evaluate whether it is reasonable to watch soap operas on TV.
  4. Evaluate whether the human’s progress in sciences since ancient times is big or not.
  5. Evaluate the size of damage that had been done to the USA’s economy by the cold war.
  6. Evaluate whether the anti-terrorists’ measures by the government since 9/11 were effective.
  7. Evaluate a certain vacation spot.
  8. Evaluate a new restaurant that was opened nearby.
  9. Evaluate the quality of excursions in the museum.
  10.  Evaluate the aesthetics of a new piece of art.


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