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How To Write Essay About Family

March 22, 2019

Speaking about the importance family comes to mind first. It is people that gave you life, love, protection, and knowledge about the world around you. Family helps and nurtures, the support allows you to achieve meaningful goals. So what can be more important for everyone, after all? Career, fame, wealth, hobbies can be gained and lost, but family is one and forever. Thus research papers on this topic and reflection pieces written by students on the ground of their personal experiences make an obligatory part of each English class.

How To Write Essay About Family

In every essay, family importance will be expressed through your views and feelings. You invent a thesis that states what role family plays in your life, what you win in life with their love, what you cherish, what you would like to pass on to your own kids, and so on. So basically your question on how start essay is about shaping your main statement and developing it. An introduction can be written last, but a thesis goes first.

A thesis is not only about facts, but it is also about emotions, details, subtle nuances that make your paper vibrant and warm. A family is a love, after all, and a good paper should aim to translate this unique love into words. Otherwise, you will end up with one more couch-for-success article. That’s not what we aim for, so let us do some brain-storming on the word family for a starter.

What does family mean to you

The family is a broad term. In our culture, it usually stands for a nuclear family consisting of mom and dad, kids and a pet (otherwise whom you would secretly feed that hated broccoli?). It is time spent with them, help and support gained, compassion and love felt that let you plough through the daily school or work.

Family shapes your immediate feeling of protection. It is here that you know you will be safe from storms, bad people, troubles, and stresses. You are taken as you are, just because you are an integral part of these people. This unconditional acceptance is ultimately necessary, and you cannot find it elsewhere. Even memories of home and family members in it can make you comfortable and safe.

A family is about helping. From ready hot meals after a cold rainy day to mom’s hugs and emotional support when you cry on her shoulder, you get unconditional care. You can complain to dad about your girlfriend not understanding you, about homework loads, about anything and not be judged. Instead, you can literally drink from the endless cup of their kindness and so face a new day refreshed and prepared.

Family gives you a sense of belonging in this unsteady and ever-changing world. You do not need new clothes or cool gadgets to be accepted and accommodated. You find your own identity through the identity of your parents and siblings or even grandparents. You compare yourself to them, copy them, try to surpass them, but most of all learn from them what it means to be a decent human. You can even describe how legal bonds do not mean family sometimes. It is emotional, spiritual ties that make you feel like you all belong together.   A family is about love, nurturing and safety, in a nutshell. It is a foundation on which you will build your own personality and life. Describe what you have learned, what you felt, how each member of your family expressed his or love or concerns, treated others, contributed to common wellbeing. You can mention what family ties are maintained and what is lost, and whether you would like to renew them. A reunion is often a significant event showing that hearts healed and hurt is gone. Thus a family, as a union, as a whole, can exist again. You can take these ideas and fill them with personalized meaning in your own paper.

Outline and Tips for writing family essay

Structure of this kind of essay as an autobiography essay is pretty typical. It has intro, main part and summary. Its size will depend on your inspiration and instructions. In an outline for an essay structure will look like following:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis statement
  • Body paragraph
  • Body paragraph
  • Body paragraph
  • Conclusion

Introduction speaks about some general issues, your musing on the family significance, different types of it, etc. It sets the scene for your story, prepares readers for its topic and makes them engaged with it. The intro obligatory includes a thesis, without formal thesis it is fairly pointless.

 A thesis statement concentrates what you will say in your paper. If you want to discuss how your parents inspired you, mention it in the thesis. If you plan to say, how resilient and persevering your parents are and how they taught you to be the same, say it here, and so on. By looking at the thesis, a reader should be able to understand what home means to you from the start. It really facilitates reading and processing the info you provide.

Body paragraphs develop and illustrate ideas that you mentioned in the thesis. Each body paragraph will deal with one idea. If you mentioned three points that you cherish about your family, you would have three body paragraphs exemplifying it. If you have more points, there will be more body paragraphs. Remember that each body paragraph contains a topic sentence that defines a key idea of the paragraph. Then this sentence is developed and enhanced by examples, reasoning, and conclusions.

For example, you may have a thesis about family providing a feeling of security through acceptance, and then have three paragraphs:

  • Paragraph 1. Family members who share legal genetic ties to you accept you as you are.
  • Paragraph 2. This acceptance helps you to be resilient to negative attitudes and do what you deem necessary despite criticism.
  • Paragraph 3. Some closest people who are your second family.

You can have a wide variety of points and sub-points, just make sure to unite them in your thesis.

How to start your family essay

Usually a paper being with an introduction, but the main purpose of an introduction is to host a thesis. So basically you begin with creating a thesis, and an introduction will wrap around it. How to create a valid thesis?

  • Research your preferred topic first;
  • Select points that you can prove or explain;
  • Put them logically together and try to keep a thesis one sentence long, two at most.

Then you will build an introduction around this thesis. Do not include any arguments or evidence, except for some ingressive data on the beginning (it is called a hook to catch people’s attention).  Give some broad background, and end an intro with a thesis. Read through your introduction: if you find it interesting to read, then most people will think so as well.

Tips for writing thesis statement

Very often students get stuck at this point, and when they passed it, writing goes  much easier. Alternatively, they could find writing help in such writing services, if it’s too difficult for them. A thesis is a narrow focus of your writing. A family is a very general idea, and your focus may be family in society and its impact on kids and their future success. So pick one aspect of the topic and think what you want to say about it, specifically choose 2 to 3 main points that you want to highlight.

For example:

“Role of a family in the society is immense because it teaches kids how to interact with other people and how to give and receive help and care.”

 Some recommend writing a thesis after completing a paper, but this is completely wrong. A thesis steers you through writing and keeps you focused. If you do not have a thesis when beginning the paper, what will you write about? Your paper will be a set of loosely related sentences, and no teacher will give a high mark for it. A thesis helps you keep thoughts all in one place, and when you suddenly get a writing block just look back a thesis and write on.

Writing body paragraphs

We have already tackled body paragraphs a bit. But since writing is always difficult, we will recap this point once again. Body paragraphs make up your essay as such. They explain your main claims, give examples, how you link examples to your claims, why what you say about family structure is important, what it can teach us, and so on. This is why it is extremely important to have a ready thesis at hand.

If you have two main points in a thesis, you will have two body paragraphs. If you have a three-point thesis (this is the most typical number), you will have three body paragraphs, and so on. The statement of a point at the beginning of a body paragraph is called the topic sentence. A paragraph develops this one point. One paragraph means one idea. It makes a paper clear, easily read and understood.

Some tips on planning and developing body paragraphs:

  • one paragraph – one idea (there may be several arguments to support this idea);
  • use facts and scholarly evidence as well as your own thoughts;
  • order your paragraphs logically, so that your readers saw your ideas as you want to present them;
  • do not reel off your focus, it happens easily when you get into the groove, but it does not improve the quality and clarity of the paper.

For example, with reference to the above-mentioned thesis, a topic sentence of one paragraph may look like this.

“Family has an important role as a place where a kid first learns to talk, play, express needs, and wishes and to set his or her boundaries – as well as to respects boundaries of others.” This is about interacting with people, and as you see, it is one idea with several points that you will exemplify in the next few sentences

How to conclude an essay about importance family

A conclusion is recapping of everything but in very brief form and without any new information. Three sentences maximum will be enough to wind up the paper. First, you paraphrase a thesis, then add a key argument and finish with some nice emotional claim. For example:

“I am thankful to my family for giving me skills and optimism to face the world. I can do it because my parents gave me absolute love, taught me to express myself safely and with respect for the needs of others. When I think family I think home, I think safety and warmth. And I want my kids to have the same kind of family they will love and cherish like I love and cherish mine.”


We hope that we provided you with a decent amount of information and examples to create a good paper on the family role in human life. You really have plenty to say about it. But if for some reason you feel you cannot do it right now, be free to ask us for help. Just reach out to our support and say write my essay, and we will do the rest. Have a look at examples on family type, meaning, and value, how everything begins with it, and how strong bond with parents help you through life. Pinpoint what you want to see in your custom paper, and get the best thematic essays for a very pleasing process.


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