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The Process of Writing a Great Comparative Essay

March 4, 2020

The Process of Writing a Great Comparative Essay

A long learning process introduces students to a huge list of diverse assignments. All of them are associated with certain phenomena that both relate to the academic environment and are knocked out of its borders. One of the most popular university papers is a very interesting type of essay whose main task is to analyze several aspects with the identification of distinctive and similar features.

In this article, we will talk about the basic elements of working with this genre, introduce you to some tricks and teach how to prevent a collision with the possible problems.

Let’s Start with the Structure

The composition and writing algorithm of this text will not be unfamiliar to you and has an introductory part, sections of the main body and final observations.

In addition to the key parts that are present in any type of similar paper, the comparative essay includes components such as:

  • Purpose and objectives that the author pursues during the creation of the paper;
  • Study of the specifics of each of the described phenomena to which the work is devoted;
  • Common ground and distinctive features;
  • Conclusions.

We described in more detail all the components of paper and the specifics of each of them below.


Here you need to provide a thesis that explains why the essay contains an analysis of this particular topic and briefly tells the audience about the issues that will be disclosed in the following paragraphs.

The most reliable author’s friends in the preparation of the introduction are simplicity and clarity. Also, you should remember to add a brief conclusion to this paragraph, which summarizes all the indicated information.

Main part

During the writing these paragraphs, your task is to examine in more detail the elements which were identified at the beginning. Make a volumetric analysis of the characteristics of each and do not proceed from a structured order.

Among the main aspects that you should remember when working on the main paragraphs are the following

  • The stated information should acquaint the audience with the studied phenomena.
  • The location of each discussion is in the middle.
  • The final part of each study is devoted to a generalization of everything that was said earlier.
  • Each paragraph should be voluminous and provide the maximum amount of possible material since otherwise, the whole process of writing paper will be poor.
  • Each new part of the body should be devoted to the processing of a separate trait that relates to the studied phenomena.

Final part

Traditionally, the conclusion is a brief synthesis of all the material that you set out in your paper. During the writing this part, you need to be based only on the observations that were obtained during the study and the creation of the previous parts and not subjective preferences.

Some More Helpful Tips

A careful study of the topic and requirements of the comparative essay. Of course, you can have incredible ideas and create your own interesting paper. However, if it does not meet the basic requirements of the genre and academic discipline, the result will not be as successful as you expect.

If you encounter certain doubts and difficulties, contact the professor or mentor and get advice on all matters of interest. At the same time, you can also try to cope with the familiarization by yourself and highlight all the key points while studying information about the implementation of this task.

Understanding the specifics of this type of essay. Perhaps, you have already faced the need to write papers that contained small comparative elements in their structure.

Nevertheless, the comparison is the heart of this type of essay from which the rest of the narrative will repel. It will be too small for the successful completion of the task to indicate that the models under study have several common and distinctive features.

Creating a list of common and distinctive features of each of the phenomena. Of course, identifying similarities is the main purpose of an essay. However, recognition of the distinctive components is also a very important aspect of this work. Try to study it as detailed as possible and analyze all the possible aspects. Moreover, careful observance of contrasting features can help you quickly and easily identify the connecting aspects of the objects that you describe.

Planning. Before you begin, try to think in advance about everything that you will write about and create short notes for a future paper.

A comparative essay is distinguished by the ability to choose among the many which you will adhere to in the process of doing the work.

Detailed analysis of the results. Avoid using simple conclusions that suggest that the phenomena are very similar but at the same time have some different features. Perhaps, this option would be suitable for other papers, but as we emphasized earlier, the essence of the essay is a voluminous analysis of the various aspects that relate to the models that you describe.

Inspirational Themes for Your Paper

Choosing an idea is the first and most influential step in the entire essay writing process. It is associated with all the following stages of work. Below we have pointed out some of the most interesting thoughts about this.

  • Comparison of man and woman.
  • Features of the apples and pears
  • How is the American way of life different from the British?
  • Wealth versus poverty.
  • Human and animal main differences.
  • Remote work versus office work.
  • How introverts differ from extroverts?
  • Public transport or own car?
  • Distance learning versus traditional.
  • How Pepsi is different from Coke?
  • Comedy vs. Romance.
  • Humanities versus Technical.
  • How Roman culture differs from Greek?
  • Cinema vs. Writing.
  • Dating online or in real life?
  • Facebook vs Telegram.
  • How games for smartphones differ from computer games?
  • What are the advantages of real relationships over dating on social networks?
  • Electronic music versus classical.
  • What is common between the Moon and the Sun?
  • Korean culture vs Chinese.
  • How capitalism differs from Marxism?
  • Rap or Jazz?
  • How thrillers differ from horror films?
  • Sparkling water against juice.
  • How light beer differs from dark beer?
  • Online sales versus traditional trading methods.

Case Study

Another method that will help you learn more about creating a great essay is familiarization with the text that was created by another author. Rather read our work.

Closure or Communication: What Is the Difference Between Introverts and Extroverts?

Many people believe that introvert and extrovert are just two sides of the same coin. Will you stay at home in the evening or meet with the best friends? Will you be in the spotlight or away from it?

There are people, for instance, of very high or short stature, but most tend to average values. So, with extroversion. This is just one of the main five personality traits (openness to the new, consciousness, pleasantness, neuroticism) so that it cannot fully determine our behavior.

The tendency to introversion manifests if you like to spend time alone with yourself, thoughts and ideas.

There is a big difference between an introvert and a shy person. Shy people often also fear what others will think about them, while the introverts have no negative emotions.

The fact that introverts do not like big companies does not mean that they cannot be friends and start relationships. In this sense, they are almost no different from extroverts. In addition, they can make an excellent career, simply adhere to roles in which loneliness is possible: accounting, engineering, writing, truck driving, etc.

Extroverts usually get more support from other people when they find themselves in a difficult situation. And in general, society loves extroverts more, so they often become leaders and choose sales, marketing, PR and other areas where it is important to communicate with people.

It is important not to forget that this aspect is only one of the abundance of characteristics. And there is a big difference between a pleasant introvert in communication and a rough extrovert.

Most people are in the middle of the extroversion scale. And this is very good. There are many tests to determine your type, but they do not matter much and should not define your life as the ultimate truth. It is not so important; two people are nearby or a hundred. It is much more important to cultivate positive personal qualities in yourself!

Some Final Recommendations

So, we got acquainted with the features of such an interesting type of academic papers as a comparative essay. In addition to the described strategies and ways of writing this university work, you can also come up with your own ideas and share them with others.

Meanwhile, you should not forget that in case of lack of time or in any other problematic circumstances, you will not be abandoned. Excellent representatives of our professional service will be happy to deal with any task. Write to us and get the perfect paper quickly and in compliance with all requirements.

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Let us not waste time and get right down to the task at hand.

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