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Particularities and Secrets of Professional Business Writing

January 28, 2020

Particularities and Secrets of Professional Business Writing

The way to write a paper is determined by numerous requirements. If most people are used to prepare academic papers for school and university, they know nothing about business writing. This kind of paper also deserves attention and your efforts to become good at writing. To find out more about business writing and be able to prepare brilliant texts for any business purpose. Be sure, such skill will be very useful in your future job.

What Is Business Writing?

Business writing is a type of text which suits business needs. It is in great demand among all managers, lawyers, CEOs, public officers, etc. That’s why business writing is considered to be a professional skill for all people who take part in business processes and events. It is also can be described as a communication tool for professional workers in different firms and corporations. For instance, being a junior IT-specialist also mean you need to write emails for clients and partners. That’s why the skill to prepare a business text is considered to be a cross-functional skill for every modern person.

There are different types of business writing. Among them are public reports, articles, commercial proposals, memorandums, traditional emails, and letters. Each of these texts is connected with the one purpose – a transaction. It aims to transact the exact point of view from the author to his audience. Of course, it could also mean other important features for both the business side and the target person.

A famous author of business papers in management Brant W. Knapp said that the best text in this sphere must include a short, simple, clear message. When someone is reading your article, he should understand its sense fast and directly. So, on the one hand, such a task is clear, but on the other side it is very important, so you can’t be failed.

Here are the main tasks of business writing:

  • Express facts. Such papers as privacy policy, research reports, analytical researches are built on exact knowledge which should be conveyed;
  • Deliver information. Thanks to professional business writing your target audience can find out interesting and useful information;
  • Explain own actions. Sometimes businesses have to say sorry for mistakes and unpleasant situations. Relevant texts like apology emails can rescue the company’s reputation in the audience’s eyes;
  • Motivate the target audience. With a proper call to action elements, business writing can cause exact people’s behavior. It is fair for all types of target audiences: current clients, partners, potential customers, etc.

These aims of business writing demonstrate that making such papers is not an easy job. It is essential for business relationships and must be prepared according to all rules. So, this is vitally important to write all texts according to the relevant structure.

Typical Structure of the Business Paper

The exact section order of your business writing will totally depend on its type. For instance, an email includes a short introduction and several clear sentences, while the conclusion is usually missed and replaced with a call to action (a motivation to call, send a message, buy a product, etc.). The research report is mostly similar to traditional paper and includes the beginning, the main part, and the findings.

But in general, you can use the following scheme in business writing which is concerned with selling a product to the target audience. Here is the general guide for your paper:

Start with congratulations

You need to start the conversation with pleasant phrases that will motivate your target person to read the text. It is great to use a person’s name in your paper to make it more personal and grab his or her attention. Thanks to such an approach your business writing will sound more trustworthy. This thing is very important if you start the new conversation with a person who doesn’t know who you are

Explain the audience’s problem

Talk to people about those issues which do really bother them. It could be anything from a low conversion rate (for B2B) or poor-quality computer services (for B2C). Use the proper research results to know directly what is important for your current and potential customers. Make them sure you know why they have such issue

Offer your audience a solution

This is the most important part of your business writing because it contains the heart of the content. You have already explained the problem for your audience, which is now expecting a solution from you. So give them such an answer. Share that your product or service is exactly what can solve all their problems. But your statements must sound weighty and create the imagination of a trustful company.

Tell the most important things about your product

This is a place for the most significant features, advantages, and benefits of your product. Even if you are not trying to persuade your target audience to buy your product, you should explain the reasons why it is so great and definitely deserves a chance to exist. Explain all the advantages in a simple and clear manner.

Explain the main reasons why people should choose your company

Your company must attract people and make them feel you are unique. In most proposals, your target audience needs additional benefits, and a reliable company’s reputation is exactly the one. It is essential to use bullets and number lists, which helps to present your business writing in the most easy-to-understand and clear manner.

Add CTA elements and motivate the target audience to know more about the product

Usually, there is no traditional conclusion for a business paper. Sometimes it summarizes the previously said content or motivates customers to do the actions the company expects. So, try to create a great call to action elements that will make your audience to get in touch with your company.

Important Tips for Business Writing

Please use the following bits of advice to make your business writing more impressive. Just make sure you did your best to reach your goal with this type of content. Here are professional tips to use:

  • You should know your target audience. Find out the relevant topics, language, and other writing particularities that will make sense for your content;
  • Spend approximately 50% of the time planning your text. Usually, business papers are short, but require a lot of time for preparation;
  • Be good at time management. In most cases you need to prepare a draft, edit your text, and choose the best variant during the deadline;
  • Use your skills and knowledge. You can start with the easiest or hardest section. There is no perfect advice because all authors prefer a different approach in writing;
  • Be careful in writing. You should avoid all offensive elements in papers, like racism, sexism, and so on. Remember, that if you offend your target audience, you may ruin your relationships for forever;
  • Improve your grammar. There is nothing worse than to get a letter or proposal with mistakes and misprints;
  • Use short and clear sentences. You must value your own time and time of your audience. Don’t make people understand you the wrong way.

Types of Business Writing

There are lots of business papers, so let’s mention the most popular categories. You can find here several options with additional examples.

Instructional papers

Such texts give people information to complete the exact actions. Usually, such type of content is divided into steps, so readers can understand how to execute each stage. It’s vitally important to use true facts for making instructional papers. Among traditional examples of instructional business, writing is user manuals, memos, specifications, etc.

Information papers

These texts are concerned about recording and referencing information. While such papers don’t mean exact actions but considered to be vitally important for companies and business communication. Among traditional examples of informational business, writing reports.

Persuasive papers

This type of writing is usually concerned about direct or indirect sales and influence on the relationship between company and customer. The main goal of persuasive texts is to convince the audience that the company proposes the most valuable proposal. Among traditional examples of persuasive business writing are proposals, press releases, selling emails.

Transactional papers

These are the documents that execute general tasks. For instance, traditional emails just inform people about good or bad news, allow them communicating, discussing current projects, setting up time and date for meetings, etc. Among traditional examples of transactional business, writing is dismissal notices, emails, etc.

The Business Text Example

This sample of the email will be very useful. On the one hand, it shows the main elements of such text. On the other hand, every person can save it for oneself and use it in official communication with public authorities, professors, etc.

The text of the business email (the answer for job proposition):

Dear Mr. Smith

Thank you for your letter. I’m doing well, hope you are okay too. It was great to hear from you nice news about a new vacant position in your company.

At the moment I have several personal projects, but I would like to discuss our potential cooperation. Could we set up a time for a meeting? I think such questions are more suitable to be discussed in person. Please let me know the date and time you will be comfortable to meet. I’m usually free in the afternoon on business days and before midday on weekends.

Also, if you need my portfolio, resume, cover letter or other documents – please let me know, so I could prepare all materials for you beforehand.

Looking forward to furthering the conversation. I also attach my phone number and social media links, so we contact there if you need.

Kind regards,

Mike Miller


Business writing is a great skill that you can improve. remember that hard work in this field will help you to reach great results. Of course, if you need professional assistance with your business writing you can ask for help immediately. Just be sure in your powers and the best result!

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