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Tips and Suggestions for Great Ideas for the Argumentative Essay Topics

February 12, 2020

How To Choose The Best Argumentative Essay: Topic Ideas

College and university students receive a task to work on some argumentative essay topics from time to time. If your major is history, literature, political science and similar, you have to write these essays even more often. The purpose of this task is to check your ability to reason and support a discussion. Professors also like to let the student choose their own topics to define their interests and concerns. In order to save time, you can find some inspiration online. In this article, you will not only find some useful writing tips for argumentative essays but also will discover great ideas for various directions.

Features of a Good Topic

It is not that easy to tell what topic will be good for argumentative essay and which one not. Your success depends on your writing and analytical skills. However, we can point out some features that should be helpful in choosing the right topic for your assignment.

Interesting for you and audience

Keep in mind that you will have to work with the chosen topic for some time so it is good for you to make it interesting. This will help you to think deeper about the arguments, points of view and proofs of your statements. Otherwise, the writing process will be tiring and boring and this will affect the quality of your essay in general. Also, your readers or listeners should be involved as well so make sure the topic will not leave them impartial.

More than only raw facts

The controversy of the topic can make it interesting as well. If your essay contains only facts that cannot be debatable, then your essay will not be an essay but retelling the information. But the purpose of the assignment here is to show your opinion and the way you express it. So when you use facts you should share your opinion about it as well, as even the opposite views of others.

Be specific

Too broad topics are hard to disclose in a standard essay. You have a limit of words and time for presenting it. So if your topic is too wide you risk preparing a shallow essay without interesting or new thoughts. Another problem here is that you can get lost in the numerous facts, views, evidence, and data so the preparing process will be tough. The more specific your topic is the higher chances you will do a deep analysis and provide enough evidence to show your point of view and disclose the topic in general.

Objective arguments

As we said before, the topic should be interesting to you. However, keep in mind that if you are extremely biased about some issues, you can turn your essay to a personal level that is not wise considering augmentative essay essence. So, in this case, try to choose the topic that will remain interesting to you but will not touch you too much. You task here not to describe your emotions, but provide fair arguments to persuade your audience. So try to find a middle ground at this point and provide objective writing where your statements are supported with facts that are not based on your very personal experience.

Fair evidence

This aspect is connected with the previous one. You should not adjust the facts to prove your personal beliefs. At this stage, it is important to stay critical to the topic you disclose and use only facts and statements that are truly relevant to the issue. It is better to do good research to discover evidence that will prove your point. Your task is to persuade the audience, not to mislead them. But if your thesis is supported with facts that no one can expose you will succeed in your work.

Take a chance

Another controversial point considering choosing a topic is that it should be unique. Do not be afraid to pick the issue that other people usually avoid discussing. Weight all the risks and take a chance to impress your groupmates and professors with your courage to bring up the truly controversial topic. Make sure you have done quality research and collect enough information to support your statement. Also, describe all existing sides and their points of view.

Ideas for Controversial Topics

Controversial topics bring up issues that can cause some fierce debates between sides with opposite views. Usually, they are about doubting traditional values, social taboos and other delicate things that can evoke emotional reactions. Working with topics like these students can train both supporting their views and accepting the opposite ones that are supported by arguments. Below we have collected topic ideas of this kind and divided them into groups considering life spheres.


This is one of the most important units of our society that is why topics that bring up some family issues can cause fierce debates. Working on topics about the family you should define sociological, cultural, psychological, etc. arguments and facts.

  • Adopting children by homosexual couples: yes or no?
  • Corporal punishment in the family: is it okay?
  • What is better for kids: having a stay at home parent or working parents?
  • Single parenting: how it can affect the kid’s process of growing up?
  • Child-free movement: is it the right worldview?
  • Parenting control: to what extent it can be fine and when it becomes involved in a child’s personal life?


We are social beings and the behavior of other people affects us whether we want it or not. That is why we are often concerned about the life choices and views of others. So there are numerous issues that can be controversial and cause conflicts even if both sides have strong supporting arguments.

  • Abortion: should it be legal?
  • Euthanasia: good deal or criminal action?
  • Illegal immigration: should it be fought or fixed?
  • Can religion be considered as a ruling organ in government and society?
  • Globalization processes: are they good or bad for the future of our society?
  • Should racial, national and gender diversity be forced in culture or it should be implemented there naturally?


The same historical events can be considered as good or bad by different groups of people. So discussing these issues can also force debates. But it is important to bring up the events from the past and learn important lessons from the mistakes or achievements of our ancestors.

  • Colonization: was it good or bad for the evolving countries?
  • Conquering American lands: was it justified or was it a crime against the Native Americans?
  • Causes and effects of the U.S.-Mexican War.
  • What was better for society: socialism of the Soviet Union or the capitalism of the western countries?
  • U.S.-Vietnam war and current military conflicts: do we learn from the past or repeat the same mistakes?


In this case, you can bring up problems of various medical conditions, treatment approaches and problems of healthcare in general.

  • Free healthcare: why is it important for everyone to have access to the quality medical help?
  • Animal testing: is it justified or non-ethical?
  • Pros and cons of the public and private healthcare system.
  • Women’s rights considering pregnancy and giving birth options.
  • Healthcare systems and changing health problems of modern society.


It is obvious that education is important for social, cultural, technological and other kinds of development. However, there are numerous issues that should be changed, adjusted or banned. Bringing up the problems of education is very important.

  • Separate classes for children with special needs: can it be considered as discrimination?
  • Standardized school requirements: why is it a problem?
  • Teacher-centered or student-centered educational scheme: what is better?
  • Why is it important to implement newer technologies into the learning process?
  • Should parents be involved in school activities?


This is the crucial element of our society and its development. However, people are concerned about the dangers technological development can bring.

  • Are we less socialized due to technologies?
  • Online dating: is it good or bad for traditional family values preservation?
  • Do technologies limit or stimulate creative thinking?
  • Exploring space: is it justified considering earth unsolved problems?
  • What humanity major problems were solved by technologies?

Force Your Creative Thinking with Our Argumentative Essay Topics Ideas

We have presented some guiding ideas, but you have to try to come up with your own. This will guarantee that you will be completely involved in the researching and writing process and your presentation will be sincere and persuasive. However, do not be afraid to use help if you face some difficulties or a lack of time. Along with topic ideas and tips, we are always ready to help you with writing an essay. It is fine to ask for writing help from time to time and address your attention to other important assignments or life events. Our professional writers will do their best to ensure your high academic results.


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