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About the Company

We have been in the academic writing market long enough to crystallize and adopt the basic rule that should not be breached, this is why we can proudly name ourselves as one of few companies that withstood the time test and quality test and retained its customers through good and bad times.

Here is a list of our guarantees and your privileges as our clients:

Highly qualified service

Not plagiarized papers

Affordable prices

This rule is: do not violate three things. First, it is paper quality, second, it is security and confidentiality of customers, and third, it is trust. We have never violated any of them, and this is why we can point you to hundreds of positive feedbacks that customers leave after getting the assignments and papers that save their days, grades and careers. We believe this is the best advertisement a company can dream of.

Why these three positions? Because they are basically why you come to us, and thus we will not compromise on them (although other players on the market may).

Quality of tasks is what matters most, so we needed the best team of writers and editors, plus the team of efficient managers for communications. We hand-picked writers with skills in various areas so that we could meet any expectation and any demand of our customers in regard to topic and paper complexity. Our writers have knowledge of formatting, academic writing styles and those working in creative areas are almost artists themselves. This is why when order a paper you get a small masterpiece.

Security and confidentiality are guarantees that neither your identity not financial data will surface through a third party or data breach. We do not ask for any identifying details and your paper is written for you only. Thus there are no chances of its appearance under some other name on the web or in professor’s hands. We know how much it can cost you so we do not compromise on that as well.

Trust is about keeping promise and not promising what cannot be accomplished. We know that no matter what we will deliver the promised assignment in time. We also have the policy that writers cannot write tasks that are out of scope of their expertise. Thus no flimsy and openly absurd papers completed with assistance of Wikipedia. Professional work only. Whether you need a full paper, or an add-on, editing, proofreading, or rewriting of an existing one, we stand up to our three principles.

Besides, if we offer perks we give them, and give them generously. You can rely to get discounts, seasonal offers, holiday packages, and what’s not. We offer the same list of free service as other companies but we have big advantage: qualified writers and editors who work for your benefit.

If your professor can assign it, we can do it.

Let us not waste time and get right down to the task at hand.

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