To write some 500 words doesn’t appear to be a difficult task, right? However, short texts have some interesting features that make them less preferable tasks by students.
How long is 500 words essay? It may take half of standard A4 format page or even less. However, it takes hours if not days to be written! So, why such a common task may take so long and destroy all your other plans? First, you have to search for data that will make your essay have some sense and value. Have you noticed that monitoring books and other sources of information is the longest part of work for creating essay? It’s not just a feeling – it’s a fact. So, even to write 500 word college essay you should prepare well before.

Any other difficulties? Yes! Many students think that being laconic is not always easy. What does a 500 word essay look like? It is a true example of an extremely laconic text. Which facts will you choose to make your writing excellent after searching through dozens of pages? Your text will be interesting, informative, organized and easy to read. You will start addressing a reader and finish making conclusions, and between these two parts, there should be valuable information limited in words. Once, you start writing your 500 words essay you may wish it to be longer.
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